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Grazitti relationship? Looking for customers to network with

Hello all,

Have you leveraged Grazitti for development, implementation, anything? I'd love to network with clients who have. Thanks!!

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@deirdreyee - I will send you some details in the PM and can make some introductions to some of our customers. 


Looking forward to it.

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Hi @deirdreyee. I manage and we work with Grazitti on an ongoing basis for web development (with @VarunGrazitti and etc.). We first worked with them on our site redesign and now they provide long-term and expanded support. 

Thanks Varun and Traci. I was definitely interested in connecting directly with clients. Traci, would you be willing to tell me more about your projects? I'm very happy to share anything I can with you, including details on our community site, our histroy, goals, stakeholders, etc. Always very pleased to network directly with peers! I'd love to hear about your experience, if you are willing.



I love meeting other community folks, too, @deirdreyee. I sent you a PM with my email; so send at your leisure and we can talk more. 🙂


@deirdreyee Hi - I've been working with Grazitti for a few years on lots of projects.  I'll PM you my details.


Hi @deirdreyee - we worked with Grazitti on a few projects a few years ago, before finally signing them on for full-time development. We have been pleased with their work so far! I'm happy to discuss further, if you would like to reach out via PM.


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Hey @deirdreyee 

Never worked with them myself but only heard good things about them, if you're looking for partners in general then I'd suggest you also take a look at happy to make an intro if needed, they are very  accommodating, great value and lots of experience doing all sorts of fancy things with the community platform. 

Good luck


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We, HP support xommunity team, have worked with grazitti since early 2018 on our community responsive design and currently have more of an ongoing Projects  and assignments relationship with them. We have been very pleased with their work, professional approach, partnership and also their level of engagement with us. It is a true partnership. @Parshant is an amazing developer and together with our oen developer @fuenteso  they make such a strong team! 

Feel free to PM me to chat one on one. Just note I will be on vacation for three weeks as of Thursday. Cheers!


oh and I agree also with  @Fellsteruk Ingelby sounds like a good partner too. We had some introduction chats with them but never had the pleasure to work together (yet)

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We at eBay have worked with Grazitti for about two years and would have no hesitation recommending them. They are a pleasure to work with. Always helpful, polite, knowledgeable, and most importantly - able to execute high-priority projects on-time and to a very high standard. 

If you'd like to chat more, drop me a DM. 



Ditto what @Wendy_S  said!


Hi @deirdreyee eBay works with Grazitti exclusively as our community developers. We are well into our second year, and they're great. They know the platform, we have a dedicated team that knows our Community well, and they are always responsive, and efficient. I highly recommend working with Grazitti if you're considering it. I also know @VarunGrazitti very well!

Happy to set up a call to talk more if you're interested.


We also leverage Grazitti in our environment on the Box Community since 2017. Very happy with the partnership, DM me if you want to talk about details of the various projects we've had.

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