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Grazitti relationship? Looking for customers to network with

Hello all,

Have you leveraged Grazitti for development, implementation, anything? I'd love to network with clients who have. Thanks!!

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Ditto what @Wendy_S  said!


Hi @deirdreyee eBay works with Grazitti exclusively as our community developers. We are well into our second year, and they're great. They know the platform, we have a dedicated team that knows our Community well, and they are always responsive, and efficient. I highly recommend working with Grazitti if you're considering it. I also know @VarunGrazitti very well!

Happy to set up a call to talk more if you're interested.


We also leverage Grazitti in our environment on the Box Community since 2017. Very happy with the partnership, DM me if you want to talk about details of the various projects we've had.

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