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Group Hub Membership Metrics


I am gathering some insight into how our closed group hubs are going (engagement, membership, etc.) I have been looking through Group Hub Admin and normal Admin/Analytics, and I have not been able to find out where I could find Group membership growth WoW or MoM.

(i.e., X group gained 20 new members in the last week, which is x% higher than the previous week.) 

Does anyone know if that data is available using the Analytics / Admin tool, or is this something we need to pull from our API? 

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @achavez03 ,


all you need to do is to scope these metrics to the date ranges of your choice and compute the % change. 


Hope this helps!


Just like @achavez03, I want to give my GH owners some metrics on their member growth. 

Unfortunately, CA doesn't allow me to drill in deep enough to look at members at the GH level.  The screenshot you show provides you to see WOW and MOM at the GH Category but not the individual GH level.

I can filter but when I do that it is to the board level so members doesn't apply.

Am I missing an option?


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