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Group Hub question on discussion styles and move from / to

Hi all,

maybe someone can help me clarify / suggest an alternative.

In regards of Group Hubs:

  • Is it true I cannot have multiple of the same discussion styles enabled?
  • I cannot move discussion styles to / from group hubs? 

Reason why I am asking I want to create in Group Hubs multiple contests and see if that is possible but even with full admin I cannot create besides the 1/1 allowed as it seems nor move from or out of the GH. 

If there is anything I am missing it would be great to point that out.




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You aren't missing anything.  They unfortunately put a bunch of strict controls on Group Hubs for reasons we'll never truly comprehend that limit their flexibility for things like this.

Only real alternative is going old school with roles - Make a category page, role-based access, and throw as many contests or other boards as children.

Thanks @StanGromer ! Too bad - need to find then another way but thanks for confirming on this side of things! 


For now going to accept this as solution in case others looking for this one too, still hope there might be an update on this one in the future either on group hubs in general or getting the contest module a bit more fleshed out. 

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