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Group Hub seems to be hidden from Lists and Menues?

Hi all,

We created an Open Group Hub on our production instance which is searchable and can be opened with the link, but for some reason seems to be hidden from Lists and Menues?

In the community structure there is no option to hide the group hub (so I'm presuming it is not set as hidden) and there are three content areas in it (Blogs, Q&A, Boards) and none of those are set to be hidden either.  

I also added a component on the landing page called 'My Groups' but this is not showing anything at all? 

<component id=""/>

I have checked permissions and the permission "See Group Hubs" is granted too.

Can anyone think of anything else I should be doing to make the Group Hub appear on lists? 


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Khoros Staff

The "My Group Hubs" component only shows group hubs that the user is a member of. Did the user "join" the group hub? 

You could try using the "Group Hubs" component to see if that changes anything. 

<component id="grouphubs.widget.node-groups-panel-list"/>




Unfortunately you need to use the special group-hub-specific components (group hubs and my group hubs) to display them. I think this was a big miss with the group hub launch. Why not display in standard navigation ?!

Hi @SilkeS 

Thanks for that tip about the other Group Hubs component, that actually does work better. 


I totally agree - there does seem to be some dis-joint for publishing these groups in terms of navigation.  But we're just getting started with ours so I'll see how the rest of the journey goes from here I guess. 

I am happy to hear that worked @OBRIEN_P .

Is it possible that you have a custom main navigation that would prevent things from showing? I just tested this on a stage environment and my group hub did show up in the main navigation. 

If you create a category, does that show in the navigation?

If yes, if you move the group hub in that category, does it show up there?

If no, does anything show up in the navigation when you switch to mobile view? 

Does the group hub show up if you create it in (or move it to) an existing category in the navigation?

Just a few things you could try to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Of course it is recommended to test this on stage first. 😉 



Our Group hubs display in the navigation without adding a component.  I added them just like I would a forum or any other discussion style. 

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