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Group Hubs: ISO historical member metric?

I've been looking to locate the total members in a Group Hub from within Community Analytics and have been unsuccessful.

I can see Joined and Left, but what about total (count) members in a group? The use case is to be able to benchmark / track growth over time. We'll need this comparison metric.

I'll note that you could just look in production in the Community, but what if I wanted to know total members at a previous date, in July 2021, for example? Not today's number of members. 

I found the below thread while digging, and it sounds like this is a platform limitation, is that correct? Thread here: 

Does anyone have a way to find this metric?  

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You can't do this today really unless you are using the bulk data API and keeping track of the daily change in data on your end.

You may be able to hack enough filters together to get a good idea of who was in it, but no truly accurate method to my knowledge.  You could use Analytics, filter to that specific node ID, and try to see who viewed a specific article that only those in the group could see (if it was closed/hidden).  That's where you could get directionally there but who knows what folks just skipped over if that's the case.


Thanks @StanGromer and hi @HilaryC

Since the member export idea hasn't been implemented yet we could log new ideas for this but I figured why not toss this pain point in the same idea.

Am I following best practises for using the Ideas feature... no, but with a lot of change occurring and coming perhaps i'm being sneaky trying to draw attention to this platform gap  

My hope is that when Khoros Product Managers meet to review the idea they approach member reports in general - what does a CM need to highlight the performance of Group Hubs.. speak to IRL event promotional impact etc... 

These type of reports are critical to sharing performance with leadership so I'd love if the Group Hubs team can provide comment on the roadmap and help setup every CM, regardless of technical knowledge for success . 

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