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Group Hubs - Permission to feature content - How or is it broke?

Who wants to help me out - I have tried everything, and regardless of what I do, I can not provide permission to Owners of a Group Hub to 'Feature topic' within their hub. I am at the point of opening a ticket/assuming it's a bug, but figured I would try asking here first / If anyone can confirm the featuring topics (from Forum, TKB, etc) actually works inside a Group Hub for the 'Owner' role, even if the 'Featured topic' permission is set to Allow or Grant.

tldr; Admins are the only people who can feature a topic inside of Group Hub within our Community.  Any ideas how I grant Group Hub owners the same ability?

edit: See reply below - Found it after trial and error of turning on everything and finding it via elimination 

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Answer: You must enable "Mark posts as moderated" under the moderator permission heading:

Mark posts as moderated Review posts and mark them as moderated. This permission is also required to use the "Feature this topic" option in a topic's drop-down menu option. (Default = Deny; recommended for Admins and Moderators)

+1 point to myself!

I feel like that function should be a separate permission, especially for Group Hubs to allow you to grant management of that to the owner(s) of the hub while also ensuring normal moderation occurs.

Khoros Staff

@RahulHa   , @LisaE , @RayC -

Who would like to work w me on this request (to remove the "ability to moderate" dependency from the "feature this post") for use in Group Hubs?

Thank you @StanGromer , @DanK  🙂

Dave Evans


OOH thank you Stan!! This find will save me a ton of time trying to figure this out!!

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