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Group Hubs without private messages

Hi All, 

Some time back on our community we disabled private messages.

Now we are interested in using the group hubs feature which appears to rely on private messages to add users. 

Wondering if anyone has been able to successfully use group hubs on their community without enabling private messenger?

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We had the same issue when it came to new members who needed to have access to PMs in order to get their group hub invite.

In our community we don't allow new members to access the PM feature from Day 1 to mitigate possible spam activity. We have had to get group owners to send us names of people they want to invite who are new members so we can upgrade their role to the level where they can get a PM for other more established members this is not an issue.

However in answer to your question it seems like PMs and group hub invites are intrinsically linked unless Khoros has a workaround. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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