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Group Pending Invite Report

Is there a way to export names and emails for pending group requests?


Lithium doesn’t send an email notification when we invite users to group. I have many, many pending invites and need to follow-up with an actual email. It’s cumbersome to click every pending request to find the persons email. Are you aware of a report?

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I do not think so there is an API to get it but you can look into admin matrics if there is something. 

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Hi Vikas, I did check there but only saw reports that gave me the # of pending replies, but not the actual name and email. Thanks though.


Here you can get count details only.
But unfortunately, no way to get the required details using admin matrics as well. 

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Yes, that was the report I mentioned. The # of pending requests is not that informative, to me. To act on them is the time consuming part. 

Hi @VikasB ,

How can I find the API to export the pending requests - usernames at least?




When you look at the member list, you will see who added people. If they requested to join, it will show the administrator who approved the request. But if someone else added them to the group, you will see their name as the person who added them mcdvoice login

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