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Group hub to display on the category page

Hi Team,

I have a hidden group hub created under an existing category that already has some public bords under it.

I as an Owner/member of the hidden group hub, am unable to see the Group hub option when on the category page. I can see all the other public bords

Is there a way to make it visible on the category page for members of the group hub only?

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Hello @snaveen


You will need to add the group hub component to the category page quilt, it needs to be added to the category page and it will show the hidden group hub to users who have access to it. If there is no other group hubs in the category it will not show at all if the user does not have access to the hidden group hub.


Please refer Group hub components for complete information.  



Hello @ MohammedSh,

where can I find this category page quilt?


Hello @ MohammedSh,

where can I find this category page quilt? Can you share some steps?

@snaveen, if you go to the stage > studio then click change near the top right, you can then choose the category page.


I have attached an image for your reference.

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