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Group hub to display on the category page

Hi Team,

I have a hidden group hub created under an existing category that already has some public bords under it.

I as an Owner/member of the hidden group hub, am unable to see the Group hub option when on the category page. I can see all the other public bords

Is there a way to make it visible on the category page for members of the group hub only?

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Hello @snaveen


You will need to add the group hub component to the category page quilt, it needs to be added to the category page and it will show the hidden group hub to users who have access to it. If there is no other group hubs in the category it will not show at all if the user does not have access to the hidden group hub.


Please refer Group hub components for complete information.  



Hello @ MohammedSh,

where can I find this category page quilt?


Hello @ MohammedSh,

where can I find this category page quilt? Can you share some steps?

@snaveen, if you go to the stage > studio then click change near the top right, you can then choose the category page.


I have attached an image for your reference.

Hello @ MohammedSh,

We have tested this option in our Stage environment, it is still not showing the hidden Group hub that i have access to.

are they any other setting we need to change at the category level or at group hub level ?

Hi @snaveen


Just to confirm, are you able to see other group hubs on the component, also does the hidden group hub show under view all?

Hi @ MohammedSh,

Yes we added the group hub quilts to the category page please find the screen short below; also the category page where the group hub option is not showing up.



@snaveen, can you please check category admin - content - custom pages and confirm the correct custom page is set?

Hi MohammedSh

I found the category admin - content - custom pages, now i added the group hubs on the component to his Category page and its seems working
Here is the screen short; is there a way we can reduce the size of it

Hi MohammedSh,

We observed one issue here, the group hub option is also showing on all other categories pages as well; we want it to be displayed on the parent category under which it is created. Only to the members who have access to the group Hub

Hi @ MohammedSh,

we are able to get the group hub tile on the category pages for the members who have access to the group hub.

Just one question, Can we make this group hub tile visible only in one specific category and not in other category pages?

Currently, the group hub tile is visible in all the category pages the user is navigating



Naveen S

Hello @snaveen


You could create a custom page, probably best to clone the existing Category Page - call it CatergoryPage.insertname, then add the group hubs component, and then apply the page to the categories you would like the group hub component to appear.

If you want it to show on the majority of the categories, you can clone the category page and then edit the default one and apply the unedited cloned one to the pages you do not want it showing upon.

@snaveen, in regards to your previous question, if you stick a component in the main column of a one-column layout, it's not surprising that it would fill the entire width of the main column.  You could switch to a two-column layout and stick the component in the side rail.  Or you could override some styles with CSS in your custom skin to do whatever you like.


Also, @ webeng is an old alias.  For best results, please use the @ ps_cxg_* aliases.  Creative Hive have the most expertise when it comes to look and feel issues.


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