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Group hubs- visibility based on roles

Hey guys, I have an area for Groups Hubs, and I'd like to set permissions on this area so that 

1) i can have an internal only group only visible to only internals

2) I can have groups on partners/customers can see 

is that possible?? Doesn't seem like it and I didn't see any content that explicitly stated this. 



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If you set the group hub to hidden, nobody except those in the group can see it.  Are you wanting to just send folks a link to request access?  To accomplish this, you could:

Create a closed group

On the overall permissions, set the permission to view group hubs to deny

Add a role for "Internal" onto the node, and grant the "view group hub" permission

You will now be able to send the link to "Internal" users who can view/open/request to join, but the rest of the world will not be able to see that group hub or know that it exists.

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