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H1 tags for group topic pages

We received an SEO report saying that our group post pages do not contain any H1 tags for the headers (but have h2 instead). All of the other posts types on the community seem to have H1 tags. Can anyone help us find where we can amend these for group posts?



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@cheathcote - can you confirm if your communtiy group post page has post title at the top? 

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@TariqHussain yes it does

@cheathcote  -  


This seems to be a bug from lithium side.  As a workaround, you can create the custom component and add it to the top of group message page.


Custom Component -> 

<h1 class="page-title">${page.context.message.subject}</h1>

  This component will add H1 in the page with group post title inside it. 

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Great thanks for your help, will look into getting this done

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I just checked on the group layout in our own Lithium Community here and a group message's title is actually represented as <h1> within the PageTitle component. 


What you can verify on your end:

  • In Lithium Studio on your stage community: Verify your GroupTopicHeader layout contains the PageTitle component and not any older - non-responsive - widgets like message-view.widget.subject
  • Within Admin -> System -> SEO check that the appropriate tag is selected for subjects on message lists and on forums.
    Admin>System>SEO setting for subject tagAdmin>System>SEO setting for subject tag
    NB: Most of the time the default setting of h2 is actually the correct one since h1 is already set on these pages for the board name or widget title. So please use caution with changing this to h1. A very easy way to verify is using the "HeadingsMap" browser extension (Firefox, Chrome) which shows 

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