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Handling @mentions during vacation

Hello Everyone!

I am excited to be taking a real off the grid vacation.  Unfortunately, I am team of one and don't want the Community to suffer.

How do you handle the @mentions or other notifications that need your attention while you are away?

I have others that will be handling general posts by tickets that are created.

Thought about trying to change my email on Community to someone else's but was concerned for future ramifications,.


Thanks for any insight.


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Who currently has permissions to use @.mentions? If it is a very specific group (or by role) you might want to inform them by a group pm or a message in your private board. 

If this permission is for everyone to use, I do hope you have moderators covering for you and keeping the community “sane” 😉

if so, they should be able to look out for anyone mentioning your name and reaching out to them if needed.


In any case, wishing you a very good vacation. Where will you go?

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!


Thank you for the response.  Anyone can @mention so I do have a few 'adjunct' staff to help out.

You do have me thinking however that maybe the @mention could be earned. 😉

We are headed out west (to us) Kentucky, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  All remote not great wifi so I will train the adjunct team well.  🙂


@mhock Sounds like an awesome road trip. We were there (Colorado) just a couple of weeks ago 😊

Yes, perhaps it is a good moment to rethink your mentions strategy. Many communities have set this up as a permission to be earned at a higher level reached within the community. We have it enabled only for our superusers and staff. I could see however, that a user who is engaging more frequently with our community could also benefit from using this feature so perhaps our permission setting is a bit too tight.

Also, I think your team could perfectly cover for you and perhaps you will get some learnings out. Sometimes you just prepare as good as you can and take any learnings coming from it.

And honestly. If you really have to. Wifi is enabled in most establishments in the US so if needed you will find a connection. But, better to stay off the grid 😄 Enjoy your road trip!


Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

We have mentions turned on for everyone from the moment they sign up (thankfully no abuse has been reported). 

Whenever I, or a colleague is away we will update our signatures to indicate that we are not around, and messages that mention one of us specifically will be addressed upon our return. The closing line advises the reader to review our contact us page should they need time sensitive support. 

This works for the most part; only once did someone get upset about not receiving a reply until another user chimed in encouraging them to review my signature.

Going one step further, if its a long vacation or leave I will place them a role that disables private messaging so users don't get upset their PM hasn't received a reply either


Depending on the level of the person taking leave we do different things.

For mods or others we get them to disable private messaging so that while users can @ mention they can't private message. All public posts are reviewed by someone in the team anyway so this works well.

For admins/managers we have their private messages arrive in the Khoros Care (prev. Lithium Response) app. This allows genuine questions to be routed to frontline staff to answer and other private messages for their return. Again, all public posts are reviewed so that side is already covered.

We are lucky enough to have 3 CMs on staff (all with slightly different roles) so that when one is on leave there are others will the skillset to step in quite easily.

Thank you @DanK , @tyw, and @Wendy_S for these great suggestions.  I will be using a combination of your suggestions for this first attempt and then determine how I can improve next time.

Again, really appreciate your suggestions and experience.  I learned some new things.


Back from vacation and wanted to report on the outcome.  Assigned a Vacation Role that showed up under my name and gave me assurance that I was communicating.

Also had another co-worker scan for "@mentions" of my name.

Appears to have worked well!

That is an interesting use of a role for an out of the office flag. I wonder if it would be even better to have an out of the office function like in email. That way you set the days you will be out and @mentions could result in the commenter to see a pop up with your message about being out, who to contact, etc..

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