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Has anyone developed a responsive design template for their community?

In the age of multi-channel design, a shift in corporate web sites to a responsive template shines a light on how different the community looks and reacts to users.    The shift between web, mobile and tablet has designers working overtime to serve up the best user experience possible.


Our and ecommerce sites are adopting a true responsive template aligning their look and feel leaving our community "out in the cold."    The community has adopted the base header but beyond that looks entirely diffrent especially when we go to mobile.


Has anyone developed a true responsive design for their community to align to their corporate web presence?



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Hi Jason, 


This is a hot topic currently with a lot of active discussion. There are a few examples out there of communities that have done this however it does currently require a lot of customisation and development work. An out of the box solution is still a way off but is being explored from what we know.


A good example though of a community that has gone responsive is the AT&T U-Verse at the guys over there have done a brilliant job.


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Another one is Bank of New Zealand -

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@jasondmcclellan you have as well the Best Community Design 2013 winner, the cvous community (French)

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As far as I know, the Lithium platform goes responsive Oct/Nov. @ArnaudL, am I right?

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You cannot be more right @szczeepan !! 🙂

@ArnaudL Is there any documentation of how and where to enable it, as far as I know it should have been shipped with the 15.9 update?

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@luk The release notes should get you started -


From the notes....


There are many exciting technologies coming together for this product, and we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience. For this reason, adopting Lithium Responsive must be done in cooperation with Lithium Professional Services.


Note: Customer demand has been high and we cannot accommodate all customers at this time. If you are interested in moving to a responsive solution, contact your Account Manager for more information.


Good luck,






As it is stated in release notes 15.9 that "adopting Lithium Responsive must be done in cooperation with Lithium Professional Services".


There are few questions:

  1. Can customer or partners do it on there own with guidelines provided by Lithium.
  2. Is there any documentation published for implementation of RWD? If not are there any plans to publish the same?
  3. How the new design will handle existing communities which are already developed and customized?



Many thanks @dhiraj_gophane and @JasonHill for your quite perfect answers to @luk ! Smiley Happy

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