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Has anyone developed a responsive design template for their community?

In the age of multi-channel design, a shift in corporate web sites to a responsive template shines a light on how different the community looks and reacts to users.    The shift between web, mobile and tablet has designers working overtime to serve up the best user experience possible.


Our and ecommerce sites are adopting a true responsive template aligning their look and feel leaving our community "out in the cold."    The community has adopted the base header but beyond that looks entirely diffrent especially when we go to mobile.


Has anyone developed a true responsive design for their community to align to their corporate web presence?



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Hi Jason,


we just did a re-launch of our Telekom hilft Community using the new Lithium Responsive feature presented in 15.9. We did the whole project in collaboration with the Lithium Professional Services and it was really fun. Beside the design one of the great advantages of responsive for us was that all the Lithium fuctionality was available also on mobile.


The new responsive framework itself offers a lot, but you will still have to adapt some of your current CSS. You can also see this as a great opportunity to make some facelifting of the current design implementation.




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dhiraj_gophane wrote:



There are few questions:

  1. Can customer or partners do it on there own with guidelines provided by Lithium.
  2. Is there any documentation published for implementation of RWD? If not are there any plans to publish the same?
  3. How the new design will handle existing communities which are already developed and customized?



Hi @dhiraj_gophane


Sorry for the delay in replying,


It would be beneficial for you to reach out to your Lithium Contact to discuss this further

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