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Has anyone hosted learning videos on their Community?


I manage a support community and we would like to incorporate videos into our Community: At the moment we are debating between hosting training videos on Khoros vs hosting them on Youtube and then linking to them from our Community. I was wondering if anyone has attempted creating some sort of training tutorial page on their khoros community and if there was a limit on how many videos, or in general what the experience was like.

Thanks in advance!


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I'd 100% post them to YouTube and embed them into your community pages. The analytics you'll get from YT will far-exceed what you'll get from hosting them in the community. You'll also increase the visibility by having the videos hosted on YT, as well as the ability to subtitle/caption the content.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

+1 to Youtube. It's the route we go for the majority of our videos. Not only is it free hosting, it's also a good source of traffic.  They've been improving the closed caption options from what I understand, which helps with localization!


Heres an example of a video page we made for some Shopify learning videos 

One perk of embedding on top of analytics and accessibility is the viewer is more likely to remain in the community instead of navigating around YouTube


We use Vimeo because it was already used in the company, but I like both Vimeo and Youtube.  It allows for better accessibility options including subtitles, cc, index, etc.

Thank you that's exactly the sort of feedback I was after. 

Oh lovely thank you very much I will share this example internally

That is true, I have very little experience with Vimeo myself but I will note it as an alternative


@tyw - Your page looks great! I imagine you custom built it yourself? We would like to embed videos on our main community landing page and I'm just beginning to investigate how to do it (and not finding much yet!). If you can point me in the right direction of any documentation, etc. I'd appreciate it! Thank you!

Hi @dave-coleman 

We can help you to achieve what you are looking for. Please let me know if we can connect to discuss it more.


Hello @Mercedes_O 

We can help you to embed the videos in the community.

Please let me know if we can connect to discuss  it more.


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