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Help! Member First Time Login

Hello all,

My team is looking for a way to identify the first time a user has logged into the Community after completing registration.

I know you can see "Most Recent Signin", but that doesn't necessarily tell us if that was a user's first time logging into the Community.

Has anyone else found an easy way to retrieve this data point?

Any help is appreciated, thank you

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Hi @kullboys12

Happy 2019!

I have a couple of thoughts you might want to look at. Not sure if they fit your needs (perhaps you want to share more about the use case/experience you're looking for 🙂

If you have badges enabled (extra Gamification product) than you can assign badges to users when they 1st sign in to the community. You can run a quick report of badges assigned on the Manage tab for Badging.

2019-01-08_11-57-24.jpgOr, you can try and use the rank structure and assign a role (for reporting) purposes to users who sign in to the community.

For example, we assign a rank to users who register (Visitors) and you could add a rank for users who signed in (New Member) and if needed tie a role to it.


The User report option under admin-metrics will allow you to run reports based on Rank name (although I personally find it very cumbersome to run reports based on rank) and Role name. I prefer the later as I get the results I am looking for and can make more meaning out of it compared to a rank report. Perhaps other users have better experiences with reporting on rank names.

Hope this helps a little.

Good luck and feel free to ask more questions.



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