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Help with Lithium reporting



Can anyone help with a breakdown of the lithium metrics.


My main question is around what constitutes a post and what consitutes a reply.


My thinking would be that a post is the original question/query raised and a reply would be any of the further comments on that thread.


The figures we get whilst reporting do not back this up.  Logically we should have more replies than posts but the opposite is true.


Sorry for the newb question but I'm just trying to get my head around this.


Many thanks


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Hi @dc888 


A post is any message posted to the community, whether it be a new topic, or someone replying to a topic.

With that being said, to view new topics versus replies so you can see how many threads are created, versus the number of replies they receive I like to use LSI 🙂

To do this, provided you’ve logged into LSI, go to Content > Forums along the left side of the screen and within you’ll be able to view new topics versus replies broken out by each board.

A nice little feature of LSI as well is if you click on a specific board LSI will show you the average # of replies per topic in addition to some other stats such as minutes to first reply and minutes to first solution which is pretty handy.


I hope this helps! Robot LOL

Hi @tyw 


I am currently in LSI in the Content > Forum section. Once I filter down to a 7 days view, how do I know which are new posts created that week as opposed to posts (from any time period) which have been viewed/edited/replied to over the past week?


Once I have this information, is there a way that I can break down this number to tell me how many have new posts have had no replies?


Many thanks in advance Smiley Happy



Personally I would use Advanced Metrics to get quick and easy number of new threads created in the past 7 days, as well as total number of posts and total number of replies.


For keeping track of posts that have had no replies, I would encourage you to use the escalation feature (You can find it under Mod Tools in Admin). You can set how long it is before you are notified that a new thread is yet to receive a reply. For example you might like to set it at 1440 minutes (24 hours). It can be community wide or just set up for certain categories or certain boards. If you set up an Outlook rule and folder for these alerts it is easy to count the number of escalated posts in a given period for your reporting purposes. 


You can also create a custom page that only shows threads that are yet to receive any replies. This can be particularly useful for a support team and/or to share with your superusers. 


Good luck,




Hi @JasonHill 


Thank you for getting back to me and for the information.


I am unable to find either 'Advanced Metrics' or 'Mod Tools in Admin' in LSI. May this be an access level issue? If not, could you please tell me where I can find these or information on how to use?


Sorry - I am very new to LSI.


Kind regards,



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Richard_p probably because they are not in LSI! Have a look at your Admin / Metrics instead 😉


Comparing LSI and admin metrics

About community admin metrics and definitions

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Sorry for not being clear @Richard_p 


As Oliver says, go to Community Admin, Click Metrics, then Advanced Metrics.


BTW, you should also learn about User Reports under Metrics - they can be very powerful to understand the behaviour of your community members, such as how many users logged in and were active during the past week/month, how many users you have at each of your ranks, whether you are doing a good job of holding onto members or whether there's a point at which they drop away, etc.


Good luck,






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