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Hermes - Quick Reply vs Inline Replies? I'm lost

I'm trying to understand how Quick Reply works in Hermes themes, or if its even supported anymore, yet still appearing in the Settings screen? 

Using Rogers Redboard for example the Quick Reply button in My Settings doesn't change the experience which is when viewing a topic, I can click Reply in a post, OR click on the reply bar on the bottom of the page to see a inline editor.

Its a great user experience in place of Quick Reply, and I want it on my site.... 

Atlas probably has the answer buried somewhere but I'm not finding anything. 

My two questions

  1. Does Hermes support Quick Reply? What does it do exactly if its supported still? Can any working examples, or supporting documentation be shared? If it doesn't support it can this be documented somewhere? 
  2. What is Rogers using here? Is this Inline Replies, with NO indenting? If so its pretty awesome but since Inline Replies does NOT support floated solutions we can't use it (source).  


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I just went through updating our forums at Upwork to threaded (version 3.1, we were still on 2.0).  After doing so, the "Quick reply" button seems to cease to do anything, as the quick reply option is always visible for everyone now.  Setting is still there for me as a user though, but checking/unchecking it does nothing. 

Without signing up at Rogers, it appears they are using the latest version of the forums, but they kept 'linear' instead of 'threaded' as the default view.  So you get all the new features without the indents essentially.  Not sure the impact of how this shows the solution though.

(edit: I guess my own question of your questions for the smarter folks out there - Does Hermes do anything different for the Forums itself? I didn't think the styling/functionality changes at all for the core Forum stuff)

Khoros Staff

It does seem that "Quick Reply" works the same for Hermes whether enabled or not. 

Rogers is using the Linear Format for the "Format for displaying posts" setting (Discussion Style > Posts & Topics > Topics Display). It appears that marking a reply as a solution for either Linear or Threaded for this page does not float it to the top (for Rogers), but the link at the top "Go to Solution" jumps down to the comment that is marked as the solution; the solution itself is highlighted.

Thanks @StanGromer  & @JeanineS

@JeanineS , what does Quick Reply do in Hermes then? We hide the option currently but wonder if Khoros should be logging a bug? If Hermes is in use, Quick Reply shouldn't appear?  

Regarding Floated Solutons specifically, does Khoros have any way to test this? Using the Rogers setup for example, can Floated Solutions be enabled? I'd love to test this myself but would be blocking our devs from doing their normal work. 

My ultimate goal here is trying to identify - how can I provide my users a quick reply like experience, which Rogers does, and its great, while also allowing Floated Solutions since we've just started using this and our users really like it. 

Khoros Staff

Hi @tyw . Thanks for the question.

If you turn on Featured > Accepted Solutions > Float Accepted Solutions on the top of threads, here's how it should look:

Threaded format:

Threaded listing with Floated Accepted answersThreaded listing with Floated Accepted answers

Linear format:

Linear listing with Floated Accepted answersLinear listing with Floated Accepted answers


In regards to the Hermes Quick Reply, could you please open a support case?

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