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Hide Widget component


On the post it is suggested to add component to the quilt for the pop-up notifications to work.

It also states that these components can be hidden;

What is the attribute to hide a component on a quilt?



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Actually there is no such attributes for component which make it hidden from the quilt.
But there is way by which we can add component to different quilt from another quilt if the first quilt is defined as nested and included in the another quilt.
If I have a ForumPage.quilt and I want to add component for only this page and to see in header. (like: Breadcrumb).
So, I can directly add that component only for this quilt from XML view of the page, and add breadcrumb to header of the forum page quilt using below code.
<add to="header">
    <component id="common.widget.breadcrumb"/>
See attached screenshot for reference of hidden component.
You will not see the component in grid column layout of page
 and when you switch page quilt to XML view you will se the component common.widget.breadcrumb is there in quilt and its referring to Header quilt in XML.


 and If you want to remove any of the component to not visible on the page you can use the below code to remove that component

<remove from="breadcrumb" for="Header">
    <component id="common.widget.breadcrumb"/>



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