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Hiding Subjects on Replies is affecting the Email Notifications and Notifications Feed

We turned off the subject field for replies so that people cannot alter them when they comment on a Forum Discussion topic. I've noticed that now the email notifications don't include the Subject of the post in the subject of the Email notification or in the Notification Feed on the site. Rather they include the first part of the body text. 

For continuity of following a topic in email, this is confusing. It's also confusing as it doesn't aggregate the posts in Gmail since the subjects are not the same.  

Similarly in the notification feed both for @mention notifications and for Forum Discussion comments I am also seeing the body content appearing in the subject line of the notifications.

EX Community - Notifications.png

Blue arrows are for Blog titles or for Root post responses. Red arrows are body text from replies on comments. 

EX Community - Notifications 2.png

Green arrows are notifications that are @mentions or body text starts with @mention but then doesn't appear in the notifications page.



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