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Hiding a Knowledge Base Article

Hi everyone! Is it a possibility to write and post a Knowledge Base article but keep it private until I'm ready for it to go live? We are trying to link to a knowledge base article through our app, but it's a new feature and we don't want to publicly post the article and confuse clients before the update has launched.

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@MarissaNeilson - Yes, you can keep the TKB Article private by choosing the save option while posting. It will be saved in drafts and you can post when it will be ready to go live.



@Payal but would that create a link that we could send traffic to through our app? I didn't think a draft would be able to be linked to and still work once the article was posted.

@MarissaNeilson - So, basically you want to get the link to a drafted article.  You can get it by following ways:

1. Go to the TKB Dashboard page and choose Drafts from the tabs.

2. You will get the drafted article and just hover over the subject and you will get the article link.

3. Now, you just need to remove the "/message-revision/3454%3A1" from the link.





Let me know if it helps.



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