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How To Add Meta Images for Preview


At present, the community is taking the preview images randomly from available images and the result is disastrous. I am referring to the preview images that appear when we share the links in social channels, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook.

I can go ahead and add a generic preview image with the meta tags, in the wrapper section in Studio. However, that will be applicable to all pages as per my understanding.

How do I set page wise, or at least category/forum wise preview images?

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Hi, we had exactly the same problem and it was equally disastrous. We had avatars of peoples cats and dogs displaying for individual posts shared during our conference! It was funny in retrospect but at the time very stressful. 

The only way we solved this was setting an image at the top level of Community for the Open Graph property on this tab - Admin/Features/Open Graph

You'll need to add the image to Studio in Stage and then publish to Production. From there you'll need the full path of the image and there's more info in this doc that may help you with this. 

This has resolved all of our sharing issues across Linkedin, Facebook, Team's chats etc and given us one consistent image. You may be able to customize at lower nodes but we stuck with just top level. 

Hope this helps


Senior Community Manager | Strava

Thanks, that really helped. I have set it up for the overall community at this moment. Hopefully I can now customize it for different sections in the community as well.

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