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How can I anonymize content?

We have a case where an employee has left, and we will "retire" him. With that in mind, it made me think we may have a situation(s) where we want to remove a person altogether, but no lose their posts.


I haven't been able to find anything related to this in the community. Any ideas or suggestions?




Chris Todd
Program Manager
RedSail Technologies
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No problem Chris (@JCTatRedSail

There are a couple of ways of tackling this. Some communities create a special role for former employees so that it is clear to all members that they no longer work for the organisation. The role also removes their access and posting rights. 

More dramatic, and to create a fully anonymous account, you could use the platform's Close Account feature. (Admin/Users/Edit Users). The disadvantage of using this approach is that the user's posts look like any other member who has asked for their account to be closed - they cannot be differentiated that they were a former employee. I prefer the first approach.




Hi @JasonHill -

Thanks for the quick response!

I agree the former is likely a better approach.

I don't see the option for the latter.


Chris Todd
Program Manager
RedSail Technologies


The close account button appears after you have entered a user's name on the edit user's section in the admin. If it doesn't appear, you might like to contact support to have the feature enabled. Then you need to decide whether you are going to allow users to close their accounts themselves, or for only the admin/moderation team to be able to do it on request. The feature was introduced as part of GDPR requirements.





We assign a retired rank label to users that leave the company, similar to what Khoros does here. It leaves the content in place but makes clear it was posted by someone who no longer is with the company.

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