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How can I remove post tags as an admin in a blog article?

There is a blog post on my community that has haver 100 tags on it. As an admin I can edit the tags on discussion topics by entering the post in edit mode and can see the tags and remove the ones I don't think should be there. However in Blog articles i can see the tags when viewing the article but as soon as I put it in edit mode the tags disappear and do not appear in the field. I can add new ones but the existing ones by the author are not shown.


I did try to change to their profile and then edit them. I can see the tags when in their profile but it won't allow me to edit as it has passed the time window where editing is allowed. So I'm stuck.  I don't want to delete all the tags one by one. I just want to remove a majority of them quickly.


too many tags on blog article.png

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@MarkAtTruth I have passed on your query to the support team. Someone from support will reach out to you to help. 

@MohammedF The support team had no idea how to fix it. I ended up solving it on my own.

First I had to remove the timelimit on topics and posts in admin ../t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community:admin and then save. I set the setting to 0. Notice nothing is mentioned about Blog Articles where the setting is found.

Then I switched over and became the author of the post. From there I deleted most of the tags and then saved.

Then I went back to Admin and changed the timelimit back to the number of minutes we prefer and saved to restore the editing limitations. 

What I find troubling is that I as an admin need to login as the user to edit tags. I should be able to edit them as an admin in edit mode on Blog articles even without logging in as them. I can do it on Discussion topics without issue. Blog articles are the culprit. Logging in as them puts my IP address in as their last visit. If they were to notice that somehow it could create mis-trust amongst our users. It also alters the data as it is not their last login. If the person has not logged in in some time it also gives the mis-perception that they have logged in recently which could affect other workflows and analytics if they go by last login date.

The reason I have a time limit on Discussion posts is so that if something goes into moderation and I edit the post that the person cannot revert the post back to the pre-moderated state. Thinking that Blog articles didn't have a separate setting we believed that they didn't have a limit and could be edited into perpetuity. We're not really worried about that as people don't typically get moderated on their Blog articles. Members are able to create blog articles freely on our community. There is no workflow or approval chain associated and all members create these Journal Entries in one blog board.

I had attempted to remove myself as a co-author of the post. It was a troubleshooting step I had taken to see if I could see the tags as an admin. Unfortunately now that I've added myself as the co-author there doesn't seem to be a way to remove myself as the Co-Author so I would still love to be able to remove myself. Especially if someone were to ever select that and then add the wrong person as a co-author.

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