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How can add images to custom content blocks?

I want to add logos to my custom content block. Ideally, i'd like to add multiple blocks, and have them link back to our partners. Is it possible to do this without HTML? It seems to be an antiquated way to editing. 



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Not really "that I know" but to be honest it wouldn't be too difficult to create a little bit of html, stick your images In a div or table and hyperlink them to desired site.

Do you need help with some sample code?


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I agree - it isn't too hard, but to replicate over and over is cumbersome.
There really should be a TinyMCE editor, and I am fairly certain I saw one at some point.

The TinyMCE editor is only available in the public facing posting/editing forms, but not in the admin backend including the custom content editing.

You could create a HTML layout once and place the image urls in freemarker variables. This would allow for easier copying of the content and replacing the images for different parts of your community.
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A good tip I give to those who are not comfortable with HTML is to draft the content using the Rich Text Editor as you would create a post or article in a Knowledge Base, once you're happy with it in Preview, switch over to the HTML tab then copy and paste the HTML code that has been generated.


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