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How can we rename a Blog label in bulk

Hi Team,

We need to rename few Blog Labels. I could not find anyway to rename the Blog label in bulk for all the articles. These are all pre-defined Blog labels and when i i try to rename, it just creates a new one and does not change the label for previous articles. How can i rename a label for all articles?

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We have a customised solution for bulk action on tags and labels. A lot of communities are using this custom solution. Please connect via PM if intersted.

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No method inside Khoros to do this unfortunately. As Vikas said, you'll have to write your own script to do it, or get in touch with a third party vendor to provide a tool to do it. 

If you got the technical expertise, I can ask my engineer to pass over what he built for us to update it.


If you're trying to rename a label to something you haven't used before, you should be able to go to Admin> Features> Labels> Edit Lable then rename it at the bottom in the text field.  I shared a screenshot below (yes, we need to clean our labels too).  I don't know how this would work if you are using predefined labels.  I'd be curious if you change the label in Admin first and then add it as a predefined label, would that work?

It won't work for us if we have a label with the same name and just update the capitalization.  For example, we have Mississippi (correct) and Mississippi (incorrect because it is all lowercase).  It will just tell us we have this label already.





@Parvez_AL Editing the old label name as @jamiemccardle suggested should help in your case. The new name will be reflected on all posts where the label has been used in the community.  If you do not want the old name to appear in the predefined labels list , you should edit the list in the board level settings, remove the old label and add the new label name there. 

Thanks all. We use pre-defined labels for Blog articles and those labels are displayed as tabs in each Blog landing pages. So, as soon as i rename those labels, those tabs stop working. Only way we found now is do them manually or use external paid options


When you say you rename them, are you meaning you rename them in the Edit Labels tab or in the predefined?  Have you tried both renaming the label in predefined then edit admin and vise versa?  Did either one of these work?

Hi @Parvez_AL , renaming the labels in the Admin settings page should work in this scenario. If a large number of posts are associated with the label, the system could take some time for the change to reflect across all posts, so i would suggest re checking it later and the tabs should work fine. In case you are still seeing any issue, please raise a support ticket with the details and the team can look into it. 

I did not wait too long after renaming. i renamed them and those old articles continued to show the old label only and new label titles showed - No articles found. i did not wait and check. i can try that. I had created a support ticket. They instantly said this renaming feature is not available and labels need to renamed individually for each and every blog article. Support said that Bulk edit of labels feature is not yet available in Khoros . We already assigned a resource who worked on 120 blogs articles and renamed them manually. Many more pending

@jamiemccardle Yes, tried that. Was  excited that it would work, but failed 😞

@Parvez_AL Support is reviewing the details and will connect with you on this.

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