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How do I archive multiple topics at once?

I've been using the newly released Content Archive feature to archieve all old content. However, previously, I was able to move 200 topics at a time (to my hidden archive board) when "batch processing" was enabled (and I set my admin moderator settings to view 200 topics at a time).


However, when checking all posts using the batch processing, there's no option to "archive" the posts. As of my knowledge, I'm only able to archive one topic at a time. 


I have lots of old content from several years ago I need to archive and want to do it the fastest way possible. Can someone help me understand what I'm missing/the most efficient way to do this? 


Thanks so much!!

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Khoros Staff

@annayardley  Content Archive currently is supported at a single message level (topic/blog article/TKB article). While, this is independent of and should not affect historical options for batch processing, there are plans to introduce Bulk Archive later this year.  Here' s a link to more details on it.


@RahulHa Looking forward to batch archiving as well. I've identified some posts that I want to archive. I want to be able to select mass amounts of topics and archive them. Not set rules to archive as the rules might be overzealous and archive old things that are still relevant and are still active posts. I also have posts that aren't even 6 months old that didn't receive comments but I want to archive because they aren't specifically relevant to today. So there's not hard and fast rules as to what should be archived vs what shouldn't be.

Thanks for the comments @MarkAtTruth. Bulk Content Archive is currently under development and we will circle back as soon as we have more updates.


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