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How do I change the rate of users private messages capabilities

How do you adjust the limits on private messages for users? Is that something you fix on the profile side or on the admin side?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Corey Strausman
Community Manager, Engagement and Activation
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Hi @CoreyStrausman,


Are you referring to flood control? ie limiting the number of posts or messages a member can send in a set period of time? If so, you need to log a support request.


Or are you referring to limiting the number of recipients of a single PM so members cannot spam multiple people with a single message? That is a permission setting, but you must have upgraded to V3. 


Hope that helps. Please make sure you take a look at this important thread -





Thanks @JasonHill I'm referring to Flood Control. I'll look into opening a support ticket then.

Corey Strausman
Community Manager, Engagement and Activation

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