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How do I generate a list of users including email who kudoed an idea?

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to help out my Product Management team by producing a list of people who have kudoed an idea.  The list should include their email and ideally when the kudoed.

Any insight greatly appreciated!

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I believe the only option is to utilize the bulk API to do this, there isn't any out of box reports that would show you who specifically kudoed each Idea.  


Hi @mhock! We ended up building a custom idea exchange reporting page because we needed reports that included information like who kudoed, when, what's their email, their company, etc. See the screenshot below. It's still being worked on, but we've been able to create something our Product Team and Customer Account Team can use and export.

I got the initial idea from Custom reports in Idea Exchange. If you scroll down that conversation, you'll see a piece of code you can start with.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.34.09 AM.png


I might not be able to help you with super technical questions, because I had a developer build it, but happy to try! I'm sure the other people on the Custom reports in Idea Exchange could help too!

^ Don't know how I missed this prior - I'm going to try giving that custom report a spin later this week to see if I can get something similar working, that would be amazing!

Thanks @nicoleguzzo !   I appreciate the insight.  My challenge is I want this report to be able to be pulled for a specific idea.  Can you do that with your custom report eventually?


I can see an idea and I can see who voted on / when they did (the date). Mine is by idea board though. So I look at all the ideas in my Mobile Ideas space, and then filter it so it's only showing one idea and the votes.

My report might be more clicks than you want!

I would take 20 clicks if I could export the information.  I will likely be following up with you about the API code your team used. Thanks for the additional information. 

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