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How do i get list of users deleted in the community

Hi All,

I am looking for API a list of deleted users in the community. Please help with this thanks in advance.

Thank you,


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I'll assume you mean  accounts that have been closed. When closing a community member's account: 

If GDPR is enabled, any PII information is deleted and anonymized as described in this article. Additionally, since the username is freed up as part of this action, you cannot reopen the closed account.


In this case, I do not think you can obtain a list of closed accounts since the data is anonymized. However you may want to review the GDPR Community API support document.


I did an experiment and created and then closed the account for a a new member on our staging environment. When looking at the audit trail, there is limited information but it does list a user id for the closed account. I'm not sure if APIs can parse the audit logs to collect these type of actions though.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 11.56.57 AM.png



I've used the audit logs in the past to confirm as suggested by @CyJervis.  However, there have been times I suspect a user account was closed and I didn't have the role ID to confirm in our audit logs.  In this case, I submit a Khoros Support case to request the usernames of recently closed accounts or ask for the username associated with an ID that was recently closed.

I haven't tried to do this via API for usernames and IDs as I don't need this information often enough, however, if I have a recent report of all community users under Metrics>User Reports, I'll highlight rows in Excel that match the role ID from audit logs.


The community is GDPR-enabled. As far as we are aware, the admin console is the only place where we are able to get the list of deleted user ids, but we do not have a chance to get at least the user ids via API. As part of our practice, we store all the data in our own database, but when we receive a request to close, the user details are anonymized in our database. There is another reason why we need to automate the process of deleting users from our database table, and to do so we will need an API call with at least the user id field in it.


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