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How do you assign HTML permissions?

How do you use the Full and Advanced HTML permissions with your Community members?  I am curious what other Communities are doing with these permissions.  

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We only give it out to a select few employees who own certain sections of Community that do some heavier things. Generally speaking, if it requires advanced HTML, it's probably going to break something / look like **bleep**, so we leave it off as much as possible for that reason.

Oh interesting, we give everyone Advanced HTML; we have found that the editor gives errors for people who only have basic HTML. (IIRC, things like font color aren't allowed in basic HTML but do show up in the editor even if you don't have permissions for them).

Only a few employees have "full" html - basically, people who have needed to embed form embed codes within posts (we use Google forms), or people who have specific styling needs where they need to use the "class" or "style" attributes.


We use simple HTML for most members with the exception of our Superusers for the Community and another company program that have Advanced HTML permission.  We mostly use full to allow them a longer signature with images to display the program badges they've earned.

@CarolineS - I actually have a to-do to investigate this. Ours is turned on like that for similar reasons but it makes me uncomfortable so I was going to poke at it some. It's helpful to know that it is possibly not something we did to ourselves.

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