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How do you download/export a list of all RSVP'd users for Events?

We'd like to get the emails of all users that RSVP'd for a specific event. How do we get the details of this without doing a bulk export of all user data? 

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@tarapatel saw that you responded (got an email notification), but not seeing your response here anymore? Not sure if you perhaps deleted. If you have any photos/screencaps you can share of your solution though, that would be helpful...I'm not seeing any options in the events page for exporting a list of RSVP users though.


Hello @cassy_lee,

The comment left by user @tarapatel was identified as spam and has since been removed, with the user being banned accordingly. I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team and will provide you with an update as soon as I receive a response from them.


oh. thats surprising because it actually seemed like a legitimate answer...? 


Although the steps for exporting RSVP reports appeared genuine, they were actually randomly sourced from the internet.


@cassy_lee, I got a response from the team and it is possible that there exists an API v2 call that can help achieve this. One such query that could be used is "SELECT, rsvp_response FROM rsvps WHERE = '232'", as explained in the documentation available at Another option could be to execute a query like "SELECT, rsvp_response FROM rsvps WHERE'19' and rsvp_response IN ('yes', 'maybe')", with appropriate modifications as required. Additionally, a custom endpoint can be developed to generate a CSV download, which can be implemented by the relevant team or by utilizing PS.

thanks @MohammedSh for getting back to me!

But just so I'm clear... 

what you're saying is that within the Events feature, instead of being able to get a downloaded list or export of all the members emails that have RSVP'd to the event (which are like...right there in a neat little box), I have to instead use a an API call or create a custom endpoint via using PS hrs to pull a list? 

@cassy_lee Unfortunately with Events, this is a common problem where reporting is nearly non-existent, and you must utilize the API to get nearly anything worthwhile. 

FWIW, you’ll find endless gotchas like this using Events. I don’t think you can even move an event from one section to another without using the API or some browser hack. 

Thanks for taking the time to confirm @StanGromer, and for sharing your additional experience re: Events. That is....wildly disappointing (understatement, clearly).

Are you utilizing Events in your Community? If so, how are you navigating some of the challenges/pitfalls of the tool? Also, thanks for the heads up about moving the events lol that is good to know in advance. 

It's unfortunate that you have to use the API in order to capture even basic data – since I don't have the dev experience, I ended up pulling all the RSVP usernames into a list and running a vlookup against them all. Obviously not an ideal/sustainable situation when you have hundreds of people RSVPing for multiple events and webinars. 

We use a mix of Khoros Events/Bevy, but it's fairly customized to our specific needs.  We don't actually use the Khoros side of Events to do anything but provide a pre-event landing page, and post-event page to view the recording. So in our case, we don't actually need any reporting out of Khoros outside of traffic. We're using the Bulk Data API though, so all of the data is flowing directly into our data warehouse.  Example of how we have it all built out on the front end -> 

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