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How do you edit the bravo/kudos weight of individual users?

Hi all,


I am looking to give a group of trusted customers to have a greater weight in the distribution of bravos. This is so that I can add a more human measure to tell quality posts from non quality content. I recall we can edit bravo weight but can't seem to find that setting anywhere. Can someone please advise?




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Khoros Staff

Hi akot96,

Kudo/Bravo weight can be set in your ranking structure. In Admin->Users->Ranking you can access each rank's settings by clicking the Edit button for that rank. For ranks that don't use a ranking formula, the before last field you can fill out is Kudos weight granted, for those with ranking formulas turned on you will have to adjust the weight directly in the formula.

If you want to adjust the Bravo weight for an individual member you can do that in their settings. In their profile page go to the Moderator Controls -> View/Manage this user's settings -> Personal -> Kudos weight override.

Hope this helps!

Dany Simionescu | Community Strategist

It's funny. I was just looking this up so I came across this post here which was helpful but @DanyS beat me to it. Nevertheless, I am linking it here.


Good luck with it.


Learning from others and helping where I can!
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