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How do you identify/export all posts associated with a particular label?

Hi, we have a complex tagging mechanism in Khoros and I would like a daily csv export of all the posts that are tagged to a particular label (The table to have columns like post title, label). How do I get to this?

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The only way we've found to get a report of all posts is to do this from the search results page where you can search for all posts and then add your desired label to filter to the results. Once you've got the search results then you can export to a csv manually.

Unfortunately because label reporting is not available in Community Analytics in they way you are describing as far as my investigations can see then I don't think there is a way to schedule a daily csv like you can do in the Community Analytics view.

If there is then I'd love to hear of it too. I see there was an Idea submitted a long time ago and was marked as declined for this very feature: 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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