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How do you promote content inside your community?

I´m using these:


- By using Featured topics -element

- By sticky posts

- By community mailer

- In signatures


I would like to know is there anything else I can do to promote content (competitions, beta pilots and so on) inside of the community.


Thanks in advance.


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@TeroRe - To add to this, you can use the announcements, hero banners/ carousels, you can also have CTAs and track the engagement. Check out one example here - 

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

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Thanks Varun.


I´m sure announcements works ok but I think there is a problem because user´s point of view you have to go to the Announcement-board and click the latest announcement. Same problem like sticky posts.


Using a hero for this promotion purpose isn't option for us, I think. But carousels are good idea because you can promote several content at the same time.




If you have any other ideas please feel free to share your thoughts 🙂 


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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

What’s your ultimate goal for this? Meraki has some interesting examples where they’ve hidden some easter eggs within their content and when someone finds it they send them a prize.

And I’ve seen others where they make scavenger hunts out of content as well. Or you can feature the “hot” topics in a blog post, or the most interesting / helpful content over the past week or month.

But it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, as that will inform the best way to do things.

Thanks BeckyS.


My goal is to get more participation. I know, people don´t participate if they don't want to or any other reasons. Now I'm looking for a way to get the maximum visibility to get more participation.


Btw, what is Meraki? Your mentioned Easter eggs and scavenger hunts, I´m interested to see/hear more. From where I can ask more about those / how they have done those? 🙂



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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@CarolineS, do you have some time to talk a little about what you all did with the gnomes?

@TeroRe, Meraki is a company owned by Cisco.

@BeckyS - I'd love to talk about the gnomes! 😄


A number of years ago, Meraki's marketing team created an awesome gnome statue to celebrate a product milestone... I can't recall the details. Since then, two more gnomes have been created and provided to top partners for various occasions. The gnomes have been sort of an inside joke / status symbol. Pictured below are Switch Gnome, Security Gnome, and AP Gnome.




This year, someone on our Channel marketing team had the idea to do a "Gnome in the Home" promo in December, taking inspiration from "Elf on the Shelf." I decided to take that and run with it, hiding a picture of a Gnome in a thread in the community each day for 5 days; the first person to reply on that thread saying "I found the gnome!" won a gnome statue for themselves.


This was intended as a fun activity for our most engaged community members as well as Meraki fans who hadn't yet joined the community (we promoted it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Gnome in the Home generated only a modest amount of traffic, but a lot of love 🙂 One community member even wrote a script to find the gnome on the 3rd day, and found it within minutes of me posting it (I had to change the filename of the gnome image for day 4!)


Here are some of the blog posts I wrote supporting this promo:

Happy to answer any further questions about this!



We've also been doing monthly Community Challenges, in which we ask community members to answer a question and get community members and employees to vote for the best answers. Winners of the "Community Favorite" and "Meraki Favorite" prize each get some swag.


This has been a great excuse to email community members as well as our partners & customers who aren't yet community members. The employee voting has given a reason to email internally as well.


Logistics of the community challenge:

(1) Ask the question on a blog post, make sure comments are ON and kudos are OFF. Ask community members to submit their answer via commenting.

(2) At the designated time, turn OFF comments and ON kudos, and ask folks internally and externally to vote via kudos

(3) At the end of the challenge period, turn off both comments & kudos, and calculate the winners! I've calculated winners manually because we haven't had THAT many entries / kudos, but you could also do it via some API calls.


Here's the latest example: New Year's Networking Resolutions






Wow, thanks a lot @CarolineS, I really appreciate. I will study these and definitely copy some of these to our community 🙂




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