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How do you recruit new moderators?

Hi all,

I would like to learn from your experience, if you're willing to share. A few questions:

  1. How do you recruit new moderators to your community?
  2. How do you keep them engaged and motivated?
  3. Is there a reward program?
  4. What are your moderation guidelines? I've drawn some inspiration from here:

Your answer to any of these questions would be much appreciated.


Rubia Torres
Graphisoft Community
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Are you looking to hire employees as Moderators or ask users to moderate?


We have a team of six employees that are moderators.  We try to keep them motivated by having them work on projects outside of moderating the community with part of their day (taking turns, of course).  

We have a large Support team as well.  I also recommend pulling someone from Support and offering them a raise/promotion to be a Moderator.  They already know the product and just learning Khoros at that point.  It is tough to teach someone to be an expert in the product on top of training them as a moderator in Khoros.  


Hi @jamiemccardle, thanks for your reply!

Yes, we are mostly interested in recruiting new moderators from the members of the Community instead of employees. However, it is a nice idea to have someone from support involved for a bonus. We will keep this in mind.

If others are willing to share their experiences, we are all ears.


Rubia Torres
Graphisoft Community

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