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How does Lithium keep their home page up to date with content?

I saw a message already on this but I can't find it..


I saw that Li has a process that allows content managers to use an interface to update the widgets.. 

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Hi Lainie,


Lithium has a tool called Studio that allows community managers to drag and drop widgets onto pages. There is a large library of standard widgets and you can make your own custom widgets for other types of content.


The standard widgets automatically update with content. There are widgets that allow you to add featured content based on manual curation.


Hope that helps.

Hi Brian - thanks for responding.. we definitely use Studio and custom content.. but I read a post here (I should have bookmarked it) that suggested Lithium had an internal process for their community managers to add images and text (without even touching the admin tool) -- for example, to update the various boxes on the Lithium home page..


I was curious to see if that is something that could be replicated if we figured out a system.. 

Hmm, the only thing I can think of would be Toolbelt, which was meant to be a sort of WYSIWYG design editor. It exists only on Stage and hasn't been updated in quite some time.

You know what,  I think this is the post I saw


Looks like it was not the Lithium home page, but rather a customization .. just in case anyone sees this post. thanks!

Hi @LainieH, are you wondering about easily updating content on or the community home page ( ?


It's possible to use ActiveCast widgets to automatically pull in content from the community onto .com pages and have those modules refresh automatically, or control what gets shown leveraging featured content, which gets identified via Message Options.


If you're thinking about the community homepage, you can use Custom Content to edit text and images straight on production, but you would have to go through Admin.


If you can give us a little more information about your use case we may be able to help you find a solution that works for you.





Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
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