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How is "Visits" defined in LSI?

How is the "Visits" metric specifically defined in LSI? For instance, sessions i.e. visits in GA ends based on: time-based expiration (after 30 minutes of inactivity & at midnight) and campaign change (when user comes back via a different campaign). I'm noticing pretty large overinflation of Visits data on LSI when comparing vs. GA. Would appreciate any help! Thank you, Anne
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Hi @arsiannes 

The officially stated definitions for LSI metrics can be found on the link below.

For visits it states the following;

"A visit is one or more page views over time by a uniquely identified client (visitor). 

A cookie set in the browser identifies visitors (anonymous or registered), so if a visitor has cookies disabled, each page view counts as a new visit. The visit counter increments as soon as the visitor views any community page; the visit ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. After the 30-minute timeout, the next page view counts as a new visit. The Mobile Visits metric is a subset of the Visits metric and only includes requests from mobile web browsers."

Hope this helps.


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