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How is your community personalized?

How is your community personalized for users?  

Does anyone know if Aurora will offer more personalization options?

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Good topic @jamiemccardle.

The answer from me is not at all beyond a different experience for signed in/non signed in users so we make sure we explain the value of the site to newcomers and why they'd want to join.

There is so much scope to personalise given the rich data that community offers, so I am super interested in the topic to make the experience better for our members and more tailored to their specific interests and needs.




Khoros Staff

Yes, providing for personalisation options is one of the goals with Aurora.

It has two major components. The first one is support for different page templates based on nodes and roles. This will help surface different pieces of content on different nodes in the Community and also based on which role a user belongs to. Nodes can also be themed differently. Ability to follow a user will also help with better curation and discovery of content.

As a follow-on to the first, we also plan to explore personalisation options based on AI; leveraging a user’s content consumption patterns and other data points in the community.

What other personalisation concepts do you think would be most helpful to you and your business?

Thanks for the update @RahulHa.

I'm interested in the idea of asking community members about their preferences/needs early in their community journey - perhaps as part of a step-by-step onboarding process to complete their profile - and then delivered a personalised experience based on their stated interests. 





I would like to see more of the following, but these are just a few I thought of quickly.  I'm sure there are many more ideas out there.

  • Have users choose what nodes they want to see in certain categories.  Let's say we have 60 products under our Products menu.  The user can see the products they have purchased through their organization.  While they see all of the products purchased, a user may only use one or two for their role.  It would be nice if they could choose the nodes that appear under the Products category.  They could switch these out as needed.  The options selected would also apply to search to automatically filter for those products.
  • Regarding engagement areas such as forums and events, it would be nice if there were different view options they could flip through such as Unanswered Posts/Unsolved (to help superuser), My Posts, etc.  Events should have filter options in the calendar such as My Events (ones they have chosen Yes for RSVP).  Or a calendar on a category with multiple Event boards, they could filter by the board instead of having to click into each board.
  • Subscriptions and bookmarks are searchable and better organized so they can be utilized more.
  • Have a hover option on members avatar to show off their activity.  Here's what we did for our SuperUser program.  It would be nice for the hover to also show the most recent badges earned or they can choose which badges will show.

image (9).png


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