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How long can it take to process changes in the platform?

Poor title, but here's the question - We added a new rank yesterday called "Active" - The logic is very simple to rank up every user who has ever logged in once to our Community. It has now been 24 hours, and each time I refresh the Rank user report, it's still adding ~30 users (page worth) every minute or so.

We have 9+ million users in our Community, and as crazy as it sounds, I am trying to build a rank solely to give me a way to report on how many of those 9 million have ever truly logged in. I knew it would take some time, but did not expect 24+ hour delays for it to process.

When I logged off yesterday this was at 1200 pages, now it's at 3065 pages (~90,000 users). If I truly have 9 million active users, this would take.... over a month to process a single rank change? That can't be right?


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@StanGromer, the Active rank will basically tag all registered users. The sign-in count increment by 1 every login, and seeing as the registration counts as 1 login that is an extremely large task for the platform. This also generates rank-up emails, so the notification service may be taking a beating as well.

Having said that, if it is taking more time, I'd recommend you to create a support ticket so that our support team can look into it and help. 

We have notifications disabled, but to your point it may still be running the task in a sense depending how it was built.

Got a ticket in still pending a response, similarly the job is seemingly still running in our Community 5 days later - We're up to 4390 pages worth of users in the new rank, and every few minutes can refresh to see its still going 😂

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