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How quickly after board deletion can I reuse the same board ID?

Howdy - 

Doing some project work today before my morning coffee (my first mistake) led me to creating a board with a board id that was needed for another project. Rather than just rename the board - I deleted it completely and rebuilt it with the correct board id.

I was able to re-use the board id immediately to finish the other project, but now it's giving me a permissions error when I try to access it. Is there any kind of quarantine for deleted data that prevents it from being reused?

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It should be an issue at Khoros end. You can raise a support team ticket to fix this. 
Last month, I also deleted a board and a couple of days back, I was trying to create a board with the same id. And It was showing "id already exist". I raised a ticket to support team( and they fixed it. 

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Thanks @VikasB!


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