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How to Hyperlink Phone Numbers

Does anyone know how to hyperlink phone numbers on the Lithium/Khoros community platform so that it is clickable on windows browsers (i.e. firefox, chrome, edge, etc)?

I am currently using the following format which shows up as an underlined link but is not clickable in windows browsers.  


It does show up as a link on Android mobile and is clickable.



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It seems like you're using the correct syntax, but it doesn't seem to be displaying the "open with which program" option after clicking. 🤔 Perhaps this is a limitation of the platform?

Edit - actually, it wasn't working in Preview mode, but it is working for me as expected after publishing this post. I'm using Firefox 69x on Win 10.


<a href="tel:5555555555">Call us at 555-555-5555</a>


Call us at 555-555-5555


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