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How to Track and Report On DAU/MAU

I did find this thread, but it's old, so I decided to start a new one.

I am new to Khoros and would like to measure DAU/MAU. I also want to find a way to report them in a digestible way.

First, how do I get the data? Second, how do you present it and how often?


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You can get the data by using the way listed in the thread you mentioned:

I think the best way to do this is through User Reports in Admin Metrics. Click Community Admin, Metrics, User Reports subtab. Use the Activity Date Range to specify the range you want for the report. Also, enter 1 for number of posts lower number, and a high number for the top of the range. Just put in more than anyone will do. What is confusing with this report is that the Activity Date Range will not restrict the number of records. You will still get everyone. But the number of posts will be restricted to the number created during the Activity Range you specify. Export to CSV, bring it into Excel and sort on number of posts. Depending on the number of registered users in your community this can work well.

I used the same way. This year, we automated this process and we get all data via API. But, it's good to start with this approach.


I apologize for my late response. Thank you for telling me. 


I apologize for my late response. Thank you for telling me. 


PS - I originally wrote the above sentence on October 29, 2021. I don't know how it ended up in my drafts instead of being published. Probably PEBCAK. 🙃


Hi @TanyaGorbunova,


I kind of feel silly asking this, but do you use a rolling month as a time frame?


Since today is the 19th, the month of Jan is not complete, so to calculate this metric daily, do you base it on the past 30 days, or the current date of that month?



Community Manager at AppDynamics

I'm interested in Tanya's answer, but my guess is that you would calculate this based on the last 30 days for your own use. For reports to higher-ups, I'd show the trend month-by-month. 

Don't take that as gospel!

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