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How to add table borders

Can anyone assist me please in how to add table borders in the Message Editor? No matter what selection I use in table properties, I can only get a border around the entirety of the table. I don't get any borders internally around the cells / rows / columns of the table?

Is this expected behaviour as it's quite difficult to see data in the tables? I've only been able to get borders on the rows by going row by row and adding a border in row properties but this means that column borders are missing as there is no such properties function for columns. 

Any help or guidance would be gratefully received re tables!

Thanks so much!

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Khoros Staff

Is it possible that something in the site theme CSS is preventing the table cell borders from showing? If so, maybe try removing that rule and see if that helps.


If you want to add border to your table td your css should work with below class.

.lia-media-snippet-container td, .lia-message-body td, .lia-message-body-content td, .lia-message-editor td

Add these classes to your skin and add border property to it.

border: 1px solid #E6F0F2;
.lia-media-snippet-container td, .lia-message-body td, .lia-message-body-content td, .lia-message-editor td{
border: 1px solid #E6F0F2;

These CSS classes should work globally.




Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thanks all so much for your help!

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