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How to add total number of posts, solutions, and member?

Hello Community Members!

Can anyone give me any tips on how to add the number of posts, solutions, and members on the community home page? Something like this--

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 2.43.44 PM.png

Is there any code you can share, much appreciated. 

Thank you!

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@IronJoe - You can use this Vitality component here for the members, online, and post stats.


I hope this helps. 


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@VarunGrazitti thank you! 

When I added these two it worked. 

   <component id="community.widget.metrics-display" li-metric-name="completed_registrations_computed"/>

    <component id="community.widget.metrics-display" li-metric-name="net_overall_posts"/>


However, these two doesn't work. It doesn't display anything.

    <component id="community.widget.metrics-display" li-metric-name="net_kudos_weight_received"/>

    <component id="community.widget.metrics-display" li-metric-name="net_accepted_solutions"/>


Also, I tried these as well and it doesn't work.

<component id="users.widget.single-statistic" metric="net_kudos_weight_received"/>

<component id="users.widget.single-statistic" metric="net_accepted_solutions"/>

Do you know why solutions and kudos doesn't work?


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