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How to change name of kudos hover button

We've figured out how to have a different name for "kudos" in our ideas board versus our discussions board, however when you hover over the word, the word kudos still remains in both boards. Does anyone know how to change this on one board type without it having to change in another board?


Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 5.37.26 PM.png

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@Julie_M - The way you changed the text for the word kudo using the keys, there would also be a key for the hover text, you’d need to do the same for this as well.


I hope this helps.

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you can go find the exact text key using show text keys feature at
Studio -> Text Editor -> Advanced -> Show Text Keys

then go back o your idea/discussion board and hover on kudo button to see the text key which you need to change.

i believe it should be images.button-kudos-enabled.tooltip

in that case your text key would be
images.button-kudos-enabled.tooltip@place:blog = whatever value you want to put

Note: Don't forget to hide the text keys again 🙂

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