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How to change the Studio text key within Group Hub without affection global boards

I have a Forum under a General Category board and another Forum under a Group Hub.


What I a trying to do is call the Forum under the User Group as "Discussion", anyone know how to make the Studio change in Community w/o affection both Forums?


I found this but I still can't figure out how to utilize page vs place.


I've narrowed it down to this text key that I need to update but everytime I change it to Discussion, it make a global change.


theme-lib.message-list.title@page:ForumPage        = Discussion Forums


Any help is appreciated 🙂 

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For grouhub you can use @page: GroupHubPage but If you just want to update the Forum name under a specific group hub, you can update it from the community structure. No need to update anything in text keys. 
Go to Admin > Community Structure > Group Hubs > Group Hub Forum > Edit Properties > Update Forum Title and Short title 

Here are the screenshot:

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Thanks @VikasB , I think I'm almost there

I think I am missing 1 more thing.


Since I am using the message-list component, it's not getting updated, do you have a suggestion for that?



Not sure, it is OOTB or custom one. But just a random thought, may be cache is applied on the component. 

And without checking the code/component, it would not be easy to figure out the issue. 

Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query

Ahh, you're right @VikasB it is a tiny customization on the OOTB one.

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