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How to check if content is gated or not?

I want to check if the page I am on, is gated or not. 

$isGatedContent is a Boolean that reflects the fact that the page requested has some gated content, i.e. that requires the user to login.

This is the case for:

  • Private forums
  • KB articles
  • Pages with some downloadable resources (PDF)

Note:  This value is based on the page content, and does not change when the user logged in:

Case 1) an already logged user arrives on a Private forum.  As the user is logged, the forum is displayed, but $isGatedContent is set to true anyway.

Case 2) a non logged user arrives on a gated page. $isGatedContent is set to true. As unlogged, the user does not see the page /  cant access an attachment .
Then the user logs in è the content is displayed (or the pdf is downloaded…), but $isGatedContent is still set to true.

Is it possible to find this info on page load? 

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Without knowing more, I feel like the easiest thing to do is to use JavaScript to throw a message to the browser console based on the nature of the content.


console.log("Gated content included");



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