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How to create a custom subdomain @

Hi Team,
I intend to try out lithium for a custom subdomain -
At the website, I cannot see a way for a free trial to start with, the only option I see is to ask for a demo.
I will like to inquire if it is possible to get the above mentioned sub-domain. It does seem available since I don't see any response when I open the URL in browser - DNS does not resolve, I still want to make it sure and know how I can register it.

I appreciate your help.
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@James01- Please contact to lithium for this

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Hi James,
Lithium Communities are enterprise level brand communities and therefor our offering is a bit different than other forum or board software out there. Particularly we don't offer a free subdomain registration where you can set up your own Lithium Community for free. We do offer demos though and part of a customer's evaluation process usually involves that we set up a stage instance for us together to work out the right setup.

If you are representing an interested prospect then the first step is to always get in touch with us via the "Contact Us" link that Tariq already shared. Our team will help you find out if Lithium is the right offering for you.

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